Monday, May 28, 2007

Orcas Island Family Ride

On Memorial Day Weekend we went on the Orcas Island Family Bike Ride, staying at Moran State Park Group Camp. We've done this off and on for many of the past 15 years or so. Not everyone is an avid biker, so we really appreciate it when all the girls are willing & able to make it. For Dorothy, the ride is a real joy, as she gets to be out and about on her Trike. It is a challenging ride for her with her MS, but the electric assist makes it possible. We stop in Eastsound to have lunch and recharge the batteries, but apparently didn't recharge them enoungh, as the batteries die on the way up the big hill. Dorothy manages to walk up the rest of the way, then lies down by the side of the road to recover. Geoff tries walking his bike and the trike up, then decides to take advantage of the trike's basket to carry his bike. Makes for a bit of an adventure, but by shuffling around, we all make it to camp.

After arriving at camp it is time to relax, Laura, Jessica, Tanya, Sarah, and Dorothy enjoy the sun and the lawn.

On Sunday, Tanya, Sarah, and Geoff head up Mt. Constitution. We make it in good shape. At the top Sarah suggests we emulate the "Expose yourself to Biking" postcard (raising our bikes while standing au natural) ... we opt for a more sedate version ... see below.

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