Saturday, February 20, 2010

It always rains in Seattle

so I must be somewhere else. That's Mt. Baker of in the distance over the Puget Sound ..taken from Fort Flagler on Marrowstone Island.

It is the 20th of February ... normally a grey, rainy, chilly time of year in Seattle. But it was sunny, warm (mid-50's), and absolutely gorgeous. Granted we were out riding one of the most picturesque permanents - #342 Bainbridge - Port Townsend - Bainbridge, but OMG. We could not have asked for or imagined a day as nice in February ... there were guys walking down the street in Port Townsend with their shirts off! Well, I guess we could have asked for the gals to be walking down the street with their shirts off! :)

We had lunch in Port Townsend at the Lighthouse Cafe ... well it was breakfast at lunchtime. An Italian Scramble hit the spot. The view was great.

Mark, Bob, Bill, & I made it back in time to catch the 5:30 ferry - Vincent & Kole presumably made the ferry before us (Vincent was "taking it easy today"?). Hopefully everyone else (Peter M, Mike R, Joe L, Art L, Lyn G. & Tom B.) made the next one.

Lyn had a couple flats in the early stages of the ride and was helped out by Tom Brett. When we ran into them on Marrowstone Island (they were headed to the control, we were coming from the control), it was pretty humorous to watch all the guys go to the aid of the "damsel in distress" (Lyn had no spare tubes by this point).