Sunday, November 1, 2009

When is 251 < 206 ?

Most mathematicians will tell you that 251 is MORE than 206. Normally they are correct. This weekend they would have been wrong.

Sunday's 251K Permanent (#188 Whidbey Mambo) took LESS time than Saturday's 206K Permanent (#52 Redmond-Carbon Glacier). 11 hours 14 minutes vs. 11 hours 40 minutes. It took less time to go an extra 45K.

A bit odd I guess, but not really when you look at why. No flats today ... I had two flats yesterday. We struggled with a headwind yesterday ... we enjoyed a tailwind today. We had a sit down meal yesterday ...we missed out on one today because we were too darn fast ... arrived at the Mambo Italiano Cafe in Bellingham 45 minutes BEFORE it opened ... so we decided to bag it and had a convenience store "snack meal". Vincent's light malfunctioned today so we pressed it to get back before it got dark ... riding the last hilly 25 miles at around 17 mph. A wet, rainy day yesterday ... a gorgeous, sunny day today.

Two very different rides ... but both very enjoyable!