Friday, May 11, 2007

Day 19 Kirksville, Mo to Quincy, IL 97 miles

My chance to leave with the “early load” group due to my knee and, wouldn’t you know”, no early load today. Bummer. Oh well. I am the first to leave anyway and make it about 17 miles before folks catch up with me. I guess my knee wasn’t bothering me all that much. I pull into the first sag with the first riders there, then shortly after that join back up with Jerry, Dave, Logan, and Brian. We go the rest of the day together.

When we get into Quincy we find there are two DQ’s to choose from. Life is good. After we get into the hotel I do my laundry. Unfortunately there isn’t a laundry room in the hotel, so I walk back about 1.5 miles (each way) and do my laundry at a Laundromat. It is by a Bank of America branch, so while the wash is going I go over and say hello. The manager isn’t there; I talk with Shana Sparks.

After I get back we have a meeting and go over tomorrow’s route, then head out to dinner. We walk a mile or so to a fast food Italian place. Not too bad.

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