Saturday, May 19, 2007

Day 27 Niles, OH to Dunkirk, NY 137 miles

Today was a good day for riding, with the wind behind us much of the day. It started out cold … 39 degrees, but warmed up a bit after the first hour or so. I was very cold for the first hour, as I wasn’t wearing my tights. I hadn’t picked them up from the clothes bin yesterday and the clothes bin disappeared overnight. I had thought it would show up by the time we left for breakfast, but it didn’t, and so I was cold. I could have worn my heavier tights, but didn’t.

Breakfast was about a mile from the hotel. AJ and Dave took the wrong turn out from the hotel and got about 7 miles before they realized they were going the wrong way. Fortunately for them Shane found them and gave them a ride back … it was already going to be a long day, an extra 14 miles wouldn’t have been appreciated.

We left Ohio, crossed Pennsylvania, and entered New York today. As we entered PA, we met some bikers following the underground railroad from Alabama to Canada … on a self-supported tour. Impressive, but I’ll pass thank you. There was an organized bike ride going on in Erie, PA as we rode through it, so we saw lots of other bikers.

Dave, Jerry, and I were the first to leave, the first to breakfast, and the first to the hotel today. We don’t stop and smell the roses much, but it is nice to have a bit more time at the hotel at the end of the day.

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