Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 12 Liberal, KS to Dodge City, KS 82 miles

Today was a short riding day. After breakfast at the Pancake House, Jerry, Dave, Ken, Logan, Bill, and I set out – we were the first to leave. Bill dropped off after a few miles, but the rest of us stayed together the whole way. The first 36 miles or so were in the fog … it was very damp, with drops forming on our glasses, requiring us to wipe them off every little bit in order to see. Supposedly we went thru a town or two, but I couldn’t see them. I ran off the road twice – but not because of the fog. The fog lifted shortly before we got to the one sag for the day at the Dalton Gang hideout and Museum in Meade. Shortly after we got there a group of Mennonite school kids arrived and took the tour … they were dressed very nicely.

After the sag (a very early lunch) we continued on. Most of the day we had a cross wind and went at a very reasonable pace – around 18 mph. The last 20 miles we had a tailwind and what a difference – we started out at about 25 mph and ended at about 30 mph. I was grateful when I was in the front – even though I was going 26-27 mph, at least it kept someone else from going faster. The bigger tires on my bike (700 x 32 vs 700 x 23-25 on the others) make a big difference – at least that’s my excuse as to why I was dying and they weren’t.

We got into town and after a few pictures, checked in at the motel just before noon. After unloading the luggage and a quick shower, we went into town to the Boot Hill Museum and then lunch – good BBQ at the Casey’s Cowtown Club.

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