Thursday, May 17, 2007

Day 25 Marysville, OH to Wooster, OH 108 miles

We had two choices for breakfast … at the hotel at 6:00 or at the Waffle House for a full breakfast at 6:30 … and load was at 6:15. Of course we chose the 6:00 and left right at 6:15. Normally Mike would have said we couldn’t leave until 6:45 or so, but he forgot and we didn’t ask for clarification. So Jerry, Dave, Jeff, and I were way out front and the first ones at all the sags and at the hotel. We expected to miss the second sag, which was lunch, so we had stopped and were eating a small lunch at a convenience store when the van drove by … so we were able to have two lunches. After we got in we went to another convenience store and had an ice cream and beer.

The ride was very Northwest like … cool and damp. A little drizzle and initially right around 50, warming up to the upper 50’s. It was clear we weren’t in Kansas anymore … definitely not flat today. There were a few tough rolling hill sections.

After cleaning the bikes off and a bit of doing odds n ends … I completed my Code of Ethics training for work … we ordered pizza for dinner as there wasn’t anyplace other than McDonalds around the motel. Of course we topped it off with ice cream from the gas station.

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