Friday, May 18, 2007

Day 26 Wooster, OH to Niles, OH 95 miles

We had breakfast at the hotel this morning … or more accurately in the bar above the hotel lobby. We left a bit late today, Dave was slow getting going. He thought load was a bit later, so when he opened his hotel door, Jerry and I were on our bikes outside it, ready to go. We took his bags to the trailer while he got his bike ready. We weren’t the last to leave, but people were surprised to see us still there.

A few miles into the ride, Jerry stopped to take off his jacket. We stopped a hundred yards or so ahead to wait for him, just around the next corner. This was in the countryside … no trees, wide open spaces, so we could see him clearly. While we were waiting for him I decided to take my jacket off too, and when I was done we looked up and … no Jerry. He zipped off to catch up to us, but missed the turn. Fortunately Mike saw him and went after him in the van. Mike said that he didn’t know where Jerry was going, but he was getting there quickly!

After we arrived at the hotel in Niles, we rode our bikes a mile and a half to a great ice cream stoe and I had a black cherry shake. It had multiple real cherries in it … no way would they fit through the straw. Very good! Having had desert we then went to dinner at an Italian place across the street from the hotel. As it was only five o’clock, we were able to take advantage of their early dinner special, which went from 4 – 6. One of the choices was any pasta dish for 8.95. I had lasagna, then an order of linguini. Pretty good deal until the bill came. One of the learnings from the bike ride is the lack of accuracy on restaurant bills. Our bills were all mixed up and the second go round was not that much better. While some of our bills had the pasta at 8.95, mine was the full price. The waitress got so confused and defensive that I just left it as is and overpaid.

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