Sunday, May 20, 2007

Day 28 Dunkirk, NY to Batavia, NY 85 miles

We didn’t start riding today until 7:30 AM. We had breakfast at 7:00, then loaded and left at 7:30. It was a disjointed day … basically two rides of just under 45 miles each. At about half-way we stopped at the bicycle museum, which was very interesting … in its own way. The museum has also sorts of old bikes, including copies of the first bike and then originals of many of the early bicycles. We had a tour given by the guy who runs the museum. He told of how the development of the bike contributed to many developments … the first US factory was electrified by Edison, how Henry Ford took the assembly line principles from the first US bicycle factory, and how women’s lib was advanced by the bike … the showing of ankles and women riding unchaperoned having an influence.

Towards the end of the first half I pulled a groin muscle somehow, so I ended up taking it easy and going on my own the second half. It was a bit cold and, at times, rainy. With 12 miles or so to go, while I was riding on my own on Highway 20, I looked up and saw an oncoming car fifty yards or so ahead of me, on it’s side of the road, but out of control, half on and half off the road. It spun out of control, rolled onto its side, and then ended up back on all four wheels off the road about fifty yards behind me, on its side of the road. I turned to go back to see if folks were all right. Another car pulled up and the driver came out, the driver of the wrecked car came out and was asked if we needed to call an ambulance. She said yes and the other driver relayed the information to the 911 operator. The front seat passenger of the wrecked car came out of the car. He had blood on his head, but it was probably from the person in the back seat. He turned and tired helping the person in the back seat, who was seriously hurt … he hadn’t been wearing his seat belt and was in an odd position. He had probably broken his right leg, which was bent under him, and may have been injured by yard tools, such as a rake, that were in the back seat. A sheriff arrived very quickly. I left as I hadn’t seen what caused the accident and wasn’t in a position to contribute anything – Logan and Brian had just arrived on scene.

As I headed towards Batavia, I was unnerved. A couple times, oncoming cars passed each other a little ways in front of me. It freaked me out. A little while later, the ambulance raced by. I was glad to get the hotel and put the ride behind me.

For dinner, Ken, Bill, Jerry, and I walked to the Holiday Inn and had Italian food. It was decent, but not remarkable.

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