Monday, May 7, 2007

Day 15 Abilene, KS to Topeka, KS 108 miles

Today is a relatively short day, but it is on the hard side. While the terrain and weather are reasonable – rolling hills and overcast, our legs are tired from fighting the wind yesterday. Still, we get in at a reasonable time, about 2:30, and then ride to the bike store (another 12 roundtrip). We get to the bike store before the rest of the riders, so we have a good selection. I get a pair of tires, a new chain, and more Chamois Butt’r. The ride back from the store was a bit awkward, with the pair of tires slung around my neck. We stop at DQ for a shake on the way back. Mike checks my chain after I get back and says I still have some wear on it … it might last till Indiana.

We go out to eat at an Italian place for dinner … they have all you can eat pasta…and celebrate making it half-way. Pretty good stuff. There were ten of us … took two cab trips to get there. There was a grocery store in the shopping center, so while we waited for the cab to come back to pick us up, I picked up a pint of ice cream.

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