Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Day 9 Las Vegas, NM to Tucumari, NM 110 miles

It is cold as we ride to breakfast, but we are among the first ones there, so we order first, eat first, and leave first. It was true confession time – I told Barb that I was going to have to buy one of the ABB bike shorts because of leaving a pair at the hotel … I figure if you can’t laugh at yourself, you’re missing out on a lot of laughs. Jerry confesses that he forgot to put his luggage on the truck and sign out, so Barb tries calling Mike to let him know, but Mike is now in trouble (Jerry is off the hook) as his phone is turned off.

Today’s ride is all on county roads. Two quick turns after breakfast, and then we’re on the same road for the next 106 miles or so. Hard to get lost. It was a great change of pace from riding on the interstate. Lots of headwinds, but a great day of riding.

We (Jerry, Ken, & I) get in first to the hotel. The hotel had a nice reception for us – juice, fresh fruit, cheese, & cookies). After munching there for a bit, we run over to A&W for a Root Beer Float (actually two medium’s). Then it is time to do the laundry and what do I find but the shorts I thought I had lost. I fess up to Barbara.

For dinner I join Bob, Bob, and Scott at the restaurant next to the hotel. I have a burger, fries, and salad bar. After dinner I e-mail some pictures and the log. I ask Dorothy to make an appointment with Dr. Ravits … my right hand and arm have been weak for the past few days, presumably a progression of the numbness I’ve had there for years.

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