Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day 20 Quincy, IL to Springfield, IL 107 miles

Today we broke the rules … sort of … instead of going to breakfast and then stopping at the scheduled Sag stops, Jerry, Dave, Ken, and I left directly after loading our luggage. By leaving early we get more riding in while it is cool and calm … much better riding in the early morning than in the afternoon when it is hot and tends to be windier. We got clearance from Mike … reluctant clearance … and promised to check in periodically. In retrospect we made the right decision. While we still struggled with the wind, everyone else had more of it to deal with. We got in at about 1:30, got a shake at a Steak n Shake, a sub at Qizno’s, then went and ate in the shade by the pool at the motel. It was heavenly. Jerry’s son and daughter-in-law came down shortly thereafter … bringing some Wisconson beer and cheese. A very relaxing afternoon. As riders finished, they came by and joined us for a bit. I did some laundry in the sink and then dried it in the sun.

Tomorrow’s schedule has changed … we end up at a different place and have a shorter ride, so we don’t start till 9:00 AM. I’d much rather start at 6:00 AM, but oh well. For dinner Dave, Ken, and I head back to Steak n Shake. I have another Banana Milkshake, a Mushroom Burger, and Chile over spaghetti.

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