Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Day 30 Livingston, NY to Amsterdam, NY 121 miles

Breakfast was at Denny’s whenever we wanted to eat there … it was open 24 hours … with load at 6:15. I got there at 5:15; Jerry and Jeff were just finishing up. The waitress was organized and efficient … a welcome change. Before loading I went over my tires and found 7-8 pieces of rock/glass that I pried out. We were able to get on the road shortly after 6:15, then ended up at the hotel in Amsterdam before 3:30. I rode with Jerry and Dave again … not a particularly fast day, but a nice riding day. The temperature started out cold, but ended up close to 70.

After we arrived, we asked about an ice cream place. Someone from the hotel … with quite an accent … gave us directions that we were able to make out just enough to follow. 2.5 miles away, up a hill, we found a diner that had decent ice cream and shakes. I had a cherry pineapple shake that was pretty good.

After we got back I cleaned up the bike and picked rocks/glass out of the tires … found three or four pieces. We had dinner at the hotel. I had a burger … no desert … trying to start to cut back on the eating a bit.

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