Monday, May 14, 2007

Day 22 Tuscola, IL to Lebanon, IN 121 miles

We had a more normal day today and fortunately didn’t have to fight the wind very much … and even had a tailwind for 20 miles or so. The rest of the way it was a cross wind where drafting didn’t help very much but the wind wasn’t an issue so it was okay. After we loaded the bags Dave, Jerry, and I asked Shane if we could leave … he said yes, but before we could get out of the parking lot Barbara caught up with us and said no, we had to wait until 6:50. We ended up leaving at about 6:45 … 9 or 10 riders had already left by then, but we caught up with them and ended up being the first ones to each of the Sags and to the hotel. Not that we were the fastest, but we don’t take as much time at the stops. Once we got into town we checked in and then went to DQ. By the time we got back to the hotel the van had arrived and we helped unload the luggage.

After doing a bit of laundry in the sink, I went to the lobby to work on the computer … no internet in the room. A reporter for the local newspaper was there and interviewed me as well as a couple other riders …he is going to e-mail me the story.

After rap we went to dinner at the Steak n Shake. The expression on the waitress’s face was priceless as she took my order – Chile 5 way (Chile over spaghetti), baked beans, cottage cheese, onion rings, and a large banana shake. After dinner we stopped at White Castle and I had one of their double Jalepeno burgers (they’re small).

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