Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tour de Superior: Day 4 Munising, MI to Sault Ste Marie, MI (RUSA 437)

The word for the day was wet. The forecast for the day was showers. We had had showers on earlier days and they were short ... lasting just a few minutes. Today was different. If I took a shower that long our water bill would be astronomical. Basically it rained. It drizzled. It sprinkled. It misted. It paused a few times ... just reloading though. Even though we wore our rain gear, by the end of the day we were wet. And with all the sand that was on our bikes we could have started our own beach.

After leaving Munising the first few miles were a "climb" of a couple hundred feet. Nothing much, but then the next forty miles or so were straight, flat, and pretty much the same - green forest on either side, wet pavement, and grey sky. The variety was limited to how much grass on the side of the road before the trees start, how hard it was raining, and how much time there was between cars/trucks. Most of the drivers were pretty good about moving over to pass us - although one truck moved over from the oncoming lane just to spray us ... at least that is how it seemed.

We had a few stops for warmth - hot chocolate and toe warmers were popular.

Close to 90 miles of toady's 130 were on M-28. Most of it was pretty good riding, but there were eight miles or so just after Newberry that was a bit painful - the road was pretty much falling apart. I suppose that is why they were just starting on a road project there. We turned off 28 at Strong's corner to head up to the Lake. It was a very pleasant, pretty road with only a few cars. We passed under a tree that had many shoes hangin from it - not sure what that was about. We had contemplated not taking the turn - would have saved 8 or 9 miles - but it was worth it. Still, by the time we reached the Sault Ste Marie area, we were ready to be done.

However, it was not to be ... at least not yet. Jerry had a flat. He's had one a day so far. He's getting good at changing them, so it didn't take long and we were at the hotel. We washed the bikes off before heading in. A few minutes later Jerry and I were in the hot whirpool, thawing out. It had been a cold, wet 130 miles with about 1,500 feet of climbing.

A little while later we headed next door to Studabakers for dinner. It was pretty good - not all you can eat, but then there were multiple trips to the soup & salad bar that made up for it. No DQ today ... it was too cold when we arrived, but I did get my pint of Ben & Jerry's! Dorothy did a load of wash - so clean clothes for tomoorw's ride - thanks Dorothy! And Laura called to wish me a belated father's day!

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