Thursday, June 26, 2008

Am I Ready?

The Cascade 1200 starts in 35 hours.
1200K in 93 hours
On my bike
Am I ready?

My bike has been set up and road tested.
It's been tuned up.
New chain, new cogs, new brake pads ...
It is ready. Am I?

My equipment is together.
Food, drink, & sunscreen for on the road.
Overnight bag for off the road.
It is ready. Am I?

My body has been prepped.
2000 K on the Tour de Superior in the past two weeks.
Now renewing itself.
It is ready. Am I?

My mind has planned it.
Reviewed the course.
Developed a plan.
It is ready. Am I?

I test ride the bike.
I feel the wind.
I flow with the bike.
I am ready!

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