Friday, June 20, 2008

Tour de Superior: Day 7 Marathon, Ontario to Nipigon, Ontario

Sun. A day riding in the sun was a welcome change. While everything had been gorgeous earlier in the ride, with the sun out the colors were more vivid and the views all the more stunning. The day didn't start out sunny, it was very foggy when we left. In fact, because of the narrow shoulders I told Jerry and Dave that when trucks come by I'm going to assume they can't see us and just ride off the shoulder onto the dirt if we're on the narrow part. Fortunately that only happened once ... then the fog lifted and viola, sun. We rode without arm/leg warmers and even remembered to put on sun screen!

It was another relatively hilly day ... 5,800 feet of climbing over the 115 miles. Other than some construction just before Nipigon the roads were decent ... keeping in mind that we're used to riding with narrow shoulders ... and the traffic minimal. We saw a couple more moose, and caught one with the camera this time.

We were going to stop in Terrace Bay for lunch, as there was a Subway there, but when we got there it was only eleven ... a bit too early and since it wasn't half-way through the ride distance wise, we decided to push on to the next town - Schreiber. At Schreiber Dave and I had lunch - subs. Jerry for some reason ordered a medium pizza from Pizza Hut (it was a combo KFC, Pizza Hut, Deli/Donut shop, and motel. Fortunately for Jerry, Sandy and Dorothy pulled in and we all helped him eat it.

A little while later we met a group of five riders coming the opposite direction. They were riding across Canada raising money for Muscular Dystrophy. They had panniers with their stuff, plus three trailers that they took turns pulling. Wow! I'm glad we're doing it without having to carry all our stuff. We exchanged notes on the road up ahead, then departed.

We reached Nipigon just in time to get soaked in a short downpour ... a nice way to cool off I guess. The motel was on the far side of Nipigon. Since Nipigon is a small town fortunately it was only a couple of miles. Dorothy and Sandy had already checked in, so we cleaned our bikes, showered, and went for dinner. It was an early evening, which was nice ... a good nights sleep will be nice to our legs. They feel pretty good considering they've taken us 900 miles over the past week!

Tomorrow is the shortest ride of the ten days ... 72 miles or so.

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