Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tour de Superior: Day 6 Wawa, Ontario to Marathon, Ontario

As we left Wawa this morning we stopped by the General Store ... Jerry had to say good-bye to the store's moose. The store had all sorts of odds & ends, including the above moose. It wasn't the only one we saw today, but it was the closest we got to one.

Besides the moose, there were these giant snow geese all over town.

Here's a shot of the real, live moose we saw today. Can't see him? ... neither can I, but he was there, really. We did see a couple others that had been hit by a car, but I didn't take their picture.

The forecast for the day was light rain all day long. After riding in the rain a couple of days earlier, we were going to be prepared this time. We started out with all our rain gear on as it definately looked like rain as we left... and it didn't rain a drop ... until a few minutes after we got to the hotel in Marathon. I guess that is a good thing, but it sure is frustrating trying to figure out the weather. Now it is supposed to be clear tomorrow ... do I believe the forecast?

A few miles out of Wawa I had a moment of panic ... Dave and I had forgotten to get our RUSA Brevet Cards signed to indicate when/where we started. Do we go back and get them signed ... an extra five miles or so (uphill of course)? Then I remember, today's ride ... and the next several, weren't able to be set up as Permanents as they have to start in the US for insurance reasons. So no need for any bonus miles.

The ride today was away from the Lake, generally inland from the northeast corner of Lake Superior. Our lunch stop was White River. It's claim to fame is that it is Winnie the Pooh's home town. Lieutenant Harry Colebourn, a Canadian Army Veterinarian, purchased a Black Bear Cub at White River on August 24, 1914. He was on his way overseas. He named the cub "Winnie" after Winnipeg, Manitoba (his home town). Coleburn left "Winnie" in the care of the London Zoo, while he served in France. In 1919, he gave Winnie to the Zoo. In 1926, A.A. Milne and illustrator E.H. Shepard created the fictional character "Winnie the Pooh" based on the bear. We skipped the site though.

Not as many lakes as the second half of yesterday's ride, but still quite a few. Lots and lots of trees and rolling hills - 3,100 feet of climbing over the 116 miles. It wasn't a particularly tough day, but being the sixth day of 100 + miles per day has taken its toll. I was tired by the end of the ride!

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