Sunday, April 22, 2007

Prologue - Costa Mesa, CA

Dorothy and I arrive at Santa Anna airport Friday afternoon. My bike is in the last piece of luggage to come down the conveyor belt. Was I worried? … maybe a little. We get to the hotel about 5:00, then go to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and go to Trader Joe’s. I start putting my bike together. On Saturday I finish putting it together – one catch is somehow the chain gets some extra loops in it. Mike and Shane fix me up, but not before taking a picture of the chain for the web site (pictures at ). Dorothy has taken the bus to the beach to see about renting a trike, but it doesn’t pan out. I take my bike to a local bike store, where they replace the rear cable housing. After I get back I pull four shards of glass out of the tires. Dorothy and I take the bus down to the beach and have dinner at the Crab Cooker – pretty good.

On Sunday we start meeting more of the riders and have orientation. I am impressed and encouraged by the organization of the ABB folks … a good sign. It is nice to get introduced to the other riders … seems like a wide range of riders and I’ll do fine.

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