Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Day 3 Blythe, CA to Wickenburg, AZ 117 miles

I got up well before the alarm again, got ready, then headed over to breakfast at Denny’s. We ate and got briefed for the day, then headed back to the Motel. Jerry and I rode off, the first ones out. We quickly made it to the I-10 and the bridge over the Colorado River. Warned not to stop for pictures at the Arizona sign on the bridge, we pressed on to the bigger one past the bridge. I never saw it, so we just kept on biking.

We made it in to the motel just as Barb was finishing checking in. I did manage to avoid unloading much of the luggage this time, primarily because my room was so far from the office/van, by the time I got back from putting my bike in the room the van was pretty much unloaded. After taking my luggage to my room, I checked my e-mail to see if Diane had responded. I had thought that she might have to go to the same meeting that Tracy was going to, but she had sent an e-mail stating that Tracy and her were going to make it anyway, as Tracy had decided he was not going to the meeting in Charlotte after all, so they’d be there at about 6:00. Fantastic.

I was hungry then, so went to McDonalds for two McChickens and fries to hold me over till dinner. Then I got my gallon of water and a Gatorade. After a while Tracy and Diane showed up and we had dinner at the Italian Mine Restaurant. The clerk at the hotel said it was excellent, but her definition must be different than ours. Anyway, it was great to see Tracy and Diane and really nice of them to come and see me.

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