Monday, April 23, 2007

Day 1 Costa Mesa, CA to Thousand Palms, CA

I’m too excited to sleep well. Besides waking up every few hours to get a drink of water and go to the bathroom, I finally wake up for good at 3:00 AM. I toss and turn till 4:30 or so, then get up and start to get ready. After breakfast at Denny’s, I take my luggage out, get my bike, put my helmet on and Dorothy takes my picture. She doesn’t point out what Mike does later, that my helmet is on backwards. At least the red reflector wasn’t turned on and flashing. I turn it around, but now it is my face that is all red instead. Mike has taken my picture and I can imagine everyone seeing my brilliance.

I say good-bye to Dorothy and a few minutes later we’re off on our adventure. As I ride out of the parking lot I’m amazed that it is finally here. It is a short ride to the beach where we partake of the ceremonial dipping of the bike into the ocean. Not being big on ceremonies, I leave my bike at the beach end, just taking my front wheel to the ocean and dip that in. After a quick photo session, then bathroom break, we’re off. I ride with Phil for a bit, then with Scott.

At the second big climb of the day, I ride up with Bob from Canada. From the Midwest, he hadn’t seen or ridden anything like this before. He did great.

One thing I learned from the day was having my camera in the back bike bag means I take no pictures. So, I adjust. I hang the camera case off a cable at the front where it is easy to get to. Hopefully that means I take some more pictures.

Two other things I have to deal with. My bike gloves fall apart and my Camelback valve starts leaking. Fortunately there is a bike store right across from the Motel, so I get a new pair of gloves and a new valve. I also get a new chain thing-a-bobby to give back to Mike. All is good.

Then it is off to Dinner at Denny’s with Ken. Dave is already there and joins us. Afterwards I stop at the gas station for an ice cream sandwich and a gallon of water. Must hydrate.

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