Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honest, the crow took my card !

Having pre-ridden the Populaire a couple of weeks ago ... in fairly nice weather if I recall correctly (at least relatively), I helped out at the Populaire today. I also got in a bit of entertainment as I watched some of the riders slog their way up 90th in the snow ...

Go Andy go!

Are we having fun yet?

Oh My God ... there's more?

"You'd better not take that picture !"

Kole and Ryan get their cards signed by Robin at Lincoln Park.

Vincent pulls into Lincoln Park.

Peter and Wayne at Lincoln Park.

A few minutes earlier it was hailing ... now a bit of sun as several riders pull into the Seward Park control.

More riders at Seward Park ... wait, what does RUSA say about drafting baby carriages?

The wildlife at Seward Park was very interested in the goodies we had at the control. Besidea a host of squirrels, this crow reached into Chris Heg's bag and ran off with a plastic bag that had the route sheet and, yes, his Brevet Card. We chased him down and, after posing for the picture, the crow dropped the bag and Chris was able to finish the ride with his card!


Robert H said...

Holy... that unicycle picture is amazing.

Thanks for the support. The ride was "fun".

matt m said...

that's classic! great pic of the crow.

thanks for volunteering, it was a great ride.