Sunday, February 1, 2009

Procrastinator's Delight

The Mountain came out!

The 31st ... last chance for a January R-12. Eight riders headed off into the mist yesterday to enjoy Permanent 186 - Snoqualmie Valley & Falls. Narayan Krishnamoorthy & Albert Meerscheidt headed off at 7:00. Vincent Muoneke, Robin Pieper, Charlie White, John Pearch, Ian Shopland, and I followed at 8:00.

While it may have been the last chance for a January R-12 for some, it was Vincent's 7th for the month. Wow! No procrastinating there!

While it was chilly to start, it soon turned into a gorgeous day. Sure, there was fog in the Snoqualmie Valley on our way north ... on the other side of the valley ... and a few sprinkles in Lake Stevens, but there was lots of blue sky to be seen.

We caught up with Narayan and Albert at Lake Stevens ... Narayan's chain had broken and Albert, in true Rando form, had come to his rescue and fixed his chain. Way to go Albert !

There was no procrastinating on the ride ... Ian & Robin in particular pulled us to Sultan in the blink of an eye ... or at least in time for a leisurely lunch. Our stop at the Sultan Bakery turned out to be longer than intended ... we should have taken a clue from the help wanted sign in the window. Food was good, but took a long time coming. Charlie & Robin read the situation well and headed off before the food came. Ian polished off the biggest sandwich I've ever seen while I took care of a heapin load of spaghetti.

Then it was off down the Snoqualmie Valley ... we saw lots of birds ... swans, geese, and eagles ... and then a fish in the road along 100th. I assume it was the same fish I saw a couple of days earlier ... don't think it could have swum very far.

John Pearch stretches out at North Bend.

We made it to the end just as darkness fell.

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