Monday, December 22, 2008

SNOW rhymes with SLOW and NO

Cabin fever? Not really, but as I want to get three more Permeanents in before the end of the year I'm concerned about running out of time. I'd like to hit 10,000 K of rides in for the year and I'm 450K away. I was going to get 100K in on Saturday, but on my ride to the start I realized that with all the snow /ice I wasn't able to ride fast enough to complete the ride in the alloted time ... so I DNS'd. On the bright side I got most of my Christmas shopping done instead.

Today I thought I'd give it a more complete test and see if I would be fast enough ... and I was not even close. The required minimum average speed is 15Kph, just under 10 mph ... and I averaged 6-7 mph on a 5 mile ride with my studded tires. The roads were either snow packed or plowed with almost complete snow/ice coverage. There were a few places where it was soft slush, but not all that many.

So, too slow ... Permanent soon? No!

Given the conditions & forecast, I don't foresee being able to ride a Permeanent until this weekend and that is still quesitonable. A nice warm rain would be helpful!


Robert H said...

Seriously. I'm doing a warm rain dance as I type this message.

Narayan said...

I swear I am going to go crazy. I want rain!

tripieper said...

Lacking an abrupt and dramatic change of weather in the next couple of days my R-12 is done for this round. I can't be too sad though - this snow is AWESOME. And, I don't even have to leave home for a great work out - upper body that is - shoveling snow! Amy