Tuesday, November 18, 2008

RUSA 083: Why would anyone

... in their right mind ride across the Hood Canal Bridge? Sure, if you look at the scenery from the bridge it is wonderful, but who can look at it? The "shoulders" are minimal to non-existent on either end, there is the gap in the middle of the bridge that is great at grabbing tires, and then there are the metal grates on either end and in the middle. While you can avoid the grates by riding on the very edge of the road, the covering on the metal plates has worn off in large chunks ... so not much better than the grates, but okay as long as you keep it totally straight. Not easy to do with a semi blaring by and the metal plates banging. It is a stressful experience. And on this ride (RUSA 83, Hood Canal North) you get to do it twice !!

A screw loose, not playing with a full deck, bonkers ... but that is what I did today. At least it wasn't foggy when I crossed it today.

On the other hand if I had ridden the Hood Canal Loop and only crossed the bridge once today I would have ended up in Bremerton ... where the ferry terminal was closed due to a bomb threat. So this must have been the right choice.

Rational thought was not my strong suit today. Or was it? On the way back I convinced myself that it was better to take it easy, stop and get something to eat, than push it a bit and catch an earlier ferry. So I missed the 4:35 ferry by 2-3 minutes and was able to ride "easy" the last 3 hours and stop at McDonalds because it made more sense?

I must have fallen out of bed and hit my head last night!

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