Saturday, July 12, 2008


It served me well, but it has reached the end of its useful life.

My bike seat.

Not quite sure when I got it, but I know I put it on the Green Hornet shortly after I got the bike last February (2007). Since then I've used it to ride across the country, ride around Lake Superior, the Cascade 1200, plus numerous Brevets and Permanents. It served me well. I began to take it for granted. Mistake. As you can see, it is coming apart and must be replaced. I took it off the bike last night and need to deep 6 it.

I put a new bike seat on last night ... but judging by the results of today's ride (Permanent 241 - Crystal Mtn Climb), I need to find a replacement. While not a picture of me, I think you get the idea ...I should have remembered that there was a reason that the bike seat I put on last night ... the one that came with the bike ... wasn't on the bike. Memories are short (at least mine are).

Besides the one that I put on last night ... which is coming off tonight! ... I found at least five other old bike seats in the garage (not on bikes) that I need to check out before deciding to part with the green stuff and get a new one (perhaps one just like the one that worked so well?). At least the bike seat lasted through my Lake Superior ride and most of the Cascade 1200.

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